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Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC partnered with Bedrock special projects to create a comprehensive strategy report focused on the expansion strategy of the company. The report highlights the entry and compliance procedures, operational strategy, goals and objectives of the company. While building the expansion strategy, the report also emphasizes on the risk assessment, critical factors, risk mitigation strategies, and the reputation management strategy. The report highlights the current scale of operation of Bedrock special projects and suggests opportunities in various other locations such as Netherlands, Europe, UK, Germany, France, Spain, etc. 

Bedrock Special Projects (Bedrock) is a Security Risk Management firm offering private security, intelligence, investigations, Cybersecurity, and security consulting. Bedrock provides bespoke protection for corporations, executives, family offices, and high-net-worth individuals They are looking to expand their American security firm into the European Union, specifically the Netherlands. 

The Company works in its two main divisions:

  • Bedrock Special Projects – They are enterprise security risk specialists, offering first-class protection to UHNI clients, corporates and Keymen for companies and political clients.
  • Bedrock Investigations – Bedrock Investigations is a full-service investigative agency providing comprehensive investigative solutions to individuals, small businesses, and attorneys in Denver, Colorado.

Bedrock Special Projects should integrate its operations in the USA and expand into Europe. The initial phase of the expansion should be focused on building a presence in the market. Bedrock will enter the European countries, starting with the Netherlands. It will focus on acquiring clients with Liquid Net-worth above $30 Million. Bedrock will also look at acquiring corporate clients on a contractual relationship basis. The expansion will be done in Europe based on the following phase-wise plan. 

The brief of the plan is as follows:

  • Phase: 1 – Netherlands
  • Phase: 2 – Germany, UK, Switzerland, France, Spain, Italy, Sweden
  • Phase: 3 – Norway, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Ireland, Portugal, Greece, Luxembourg, Poland, Czech Republic, Monaco, Romania, Hungary, and Cyprus.

Bedrock will regulate and follow all compliance procedures as per the European Union Guidelines and National policies on licensing of Private Security firms. The organizational structure of the Company should be created keeping in mind the taxation and structure of hiring it to plan to have. As the Company caters to UHNI clients and corporates, the critical success factor for the Company will be to create brand value and brand management through the press, media management, public relations and reputation management. 

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