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Comprehensive B-Plan & Valuation – Merch Informer

Merch Informer RFC

Ruskin Felix Consulting performed Valuation Services for Merch Informer, which included Due Diligence, Industry Analysis, Financial Projections, and Cost Assessment. The valuation techniques used were Earnings Based Valuation and DCF Method (NPV Analysis), which relied on the company’s revenue and profitability data from its financial statements.

Merch Informer pioneered the Merch by Amazon space by offering research tools. It has a competitive edge in terms of cost-effectiveness and customer satisfaction, which attracted us to apply our expertise in valuing their growing company. We also assisted them with analyzing their competitors and devising strategies to expand their business in the upcoming years.

Merch by Amazon revolutionized the apparel industry a few years ago by allowing merchants to sell products directly to the consumer without ever having to worry about supply chain, manufacturing, and logistics. With royalty revenue from licensed merchandise totaling $14.5 billion in 2018 and growing at CAGR c.2.6%, Merch Informer is poised to capitalize on this market trend.

Our industry analysis, company assessment, and financial projections revealed that Merch Informer has several competitive edges, such as the ability to search for designs on social media and the provision of an in-house design platform with multiple third-party software connections, such as Google AdWords. These aspects create a highly customer-centric business model that is likely to experience substantial growth in the near future.

Looking forward, the company is committed to staying at the forefront of technological and design trends. Merch Informer continually strives to update its platform to meet the changing needs of their users. Merch Informer also plans to expand their business globally to cater to a broader set of customers, entrepreneurs, designers and businesses that are looking to tap into the ever-growing market of customised merchandise. RFC looks forward to shape the future of Merch by Amazon space and thrive its business in the global market.

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