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At Ruskin Felix Consulting, we aim to help promising startups transition into industry leaders. While working closely with various Web 2 and Web 3 projects, we are always looking to partner with multiple projects that lay stress on sustainability, health, fintech and energy. Our focused portfolio seeks to create long-term value for our LPs and generate blockchain-based solutions worldwide.

We partner with next generation technologies that support global resource management, natural resources, energy, healthcare, blockchain and Web 3.0 technology. Some of our incubated projects include Watertilt and Tiny Astro. Today they stand tall and are examples of the power of our RFC Incubator program.


Our expertise in blockchain technology allows us to explore futuristic technologies that support global resource management, natural resources, energy, healthcare as well as Web 3.0 technology.

Our aim is to provide innovative new solutions based on decentralized platforms and smart contracts which can ultimately create long-term value for our limited partners (LPs).

With our initiative of the ‘RFC Incubator’, we believe that sustainable growth is the key to a better future for all. That’s why we’re dedicated to partnering with projects that prioritize sustainability and eco-friendly practices.

Our goal is to incubate these brilliant ideas and build sustainable solutions that benefit society while also protecting the environment. By working together, we can create a brighter, more sustainable future for generations to come.

At Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC, we’re committed to partnering with startups that are disrupting traditional financial systems through blockchain-based fintech solutions. Our goal is to help these innovative companies achieve their full potential by providing expert guidance and support.

With our expertise in blockchain technology and fintech, we can help startups navigate the complex landscape of the financial industry and develop cutting-edge solutions that drive growth and innovation. Together, we can create a more efficient, transparent and secure financial system for all.

Healthcare remains a top priority; hence we aim for projects focused on working towards delivering digital health innovations transforming the future of healthcare delivery making it accessible from anywhere globally.

Our goal is to help these projects transform the future of healthcare delivery by making it more accessible and convenient for people around the world. With our expertise in digital health and healthcare innovation, we can help startups navigate the complex landscape of the healthcare industry and develop cutting-edge solutions that drive growth and innovation.


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Our goal encompassed bolstering activity by understanding this sector . “WaterTilt”, an ongoing initiative, centers on establishing an ecologically sustainable water plant with a net-zero carbon footprint. Our involvement spanned crafting a comprehensive content strategy, adeptly managing online reputation, and skillfully overseeing community engagement.


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