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Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC prepared a research and business strategy report based on the water features and gardening marketing in GCC countries. The research aims at analyzing demand of the product segments Fountains, Water features, Landscaping and Gardening as an industry in the GCC countries by collecting personal data and analyzing key personnel in the industry and related industry to understand scope, opportunities and challenges in the industry. The research will also look at the Product mix that is best suited for each product segment and focus on the same based on metrics and data acquired by the market. It covers in very detail the aspects of online sales, trends, interest and demand patterns for the product focus and shows even search trends, and demand in GCC and major regions across the same.

The overall fountain features industry is primarily used for commercial purposes and tourism attractions to be created. Resorts and smaller hotels are looking for such installations as well. The overall demand of water features and fountains is very less when used for personal use. Residential real estate projects are also a common hotspot and demand niche for this industry. This also includes gardening products and landscaping potentials for the same in all GCC countries. The countries also have a free migration policy and thus always motivates foreigners to permanently shift into the country also due the tax cuts and haven that these countries are.

Landscaping and gardening are an industry that has been booming in the past 10 years in GCC, with various competitors at all levels of operations, the industry is growing at a CAGR 17% YOY. The demand for such products is also high in the lower price range among residence owners and homeowners including builders, real estate projects, and tourism industry. The level of interest for gardening products in retail customers among all GCC countries varies based on the income group in the retail segment.

Artificial water features compose a major section and percentage of the tourist attractions in UAE. Other GCC countries like Saudi Arabia are catching up to the trend, where countries like Oman, and Qatar are way behind in the demand for such features. The differentiating factor in such water features is the design and utility of the water feature. Such features have a range of products and designs for the customer to choose from and are usually complex in design. Innovations in water technology, light technology and overall efficiency of such features can help a company to price their products more effectively in the market and gain market share.

The overall view of industry is viable however due to the pandemic substantial challenges are seen in the stalled projects and lack of demand, however with a good product mix, the company will be able to create a market share in the industry and develop further in the product niches of Water features, fountains and landscaping, gardening. 

  • Fountains and water features – Due to the COVID-19, the slowdown in tourism and stalling of many real estate projects will slow down the demand in these products. Thus, a B2B approach to sales will be profitable while focusing on good running projects and lower focus on online retail market.
  • Landscaping and gardening products – High potential of the gardening products and small-scale landscaping services in many countries with lower competition can prove very profitable. Online presence in this can also be made.
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