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Automated Lubrication System

Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC created a market research and strategy report for the automated lubrication system in railways. The report shed light on the overall industry laying emphasis on the Indian railways. The report highlights the consumer segmentation government initiatives, lubrication systems, types of lubrication systems and the elements of the lubrication system. The report is a detailed analysis of the key competitive advantages of the company, SWOT analysis and a business development strategy while understanding the strategic partnerships, source of funds and the capital expenditure for the company. 

The railways industry is primarily a public sector industry. It is still highly regulated by the Ministry of Railways and the Government of India. However, during the past 15 years, a high number of PPP models are being used for building rail infrastructure in the country. The Public Private Partnerships are being used in building Metro and rapid train networks and technologies across major cities in India.

The automatic lubrication system market in railways is valued at USD $1 Billion in 2019 and is projected to reach USD $2 Billion by 2023, at a CAGR of approximately 20% during the period. Growing awareness regarding the advantages of using automatic lubrication systems is contributing to the growth of the market. Manufacturing companies around the world are slowly moving from manual lubrication practices to more efficient automatic lubrication operations. This shift from manual to automatic lubrication is acting as a growth driver for the market.

As Lubrication Systems are delivered by a handful of companies, it is important to analyze the product offerings done by competitors in order to understand the best Product Mix. A few types of lubrication systems are:

  • Single line lubrication systems – For small-to-medium line length and almost all lubricants.
  • Dual line lubrication systems – For use on large machinery, effective in harsh conditions.
  • Multi line lubrication systems – For demanding applications in nearly all industries.
  • Progressive lubrication system – For small- to medium-sized machines that require continuous lubrication.
  • Oil lubrication system – Designed primarily for oil circulation lubrication.

Lubrication is one of the most effective maintenance programs to reduce wear, energy consumption and noise of railways. There are several types of lubrication systems to provide uniform film thickness at the wheel-rail interface and effective transport mechanisms for the grease must be better understood and managed which will be covered in this deliverable, widely used in the rail industry.

In accordance with the industry analysis carried out and the railways Lubrication systems assessment conducted, the industry is a very promising industry to get into. However, its capital-intensive nature, High barriers to entry and Stiff international competition will prove to be detrimental for a company looking to enter the industry. 

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