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The Best SEO Tools for Keyword Research

Discover the top SEO tools for effective keyword research and optimization in this informative guide.

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Keyword Research is identifying and analyzing specific keywords and phrases that people tend to use while searching for information, products, or services on various search engines. This research helps businesses to gauge an understanding of what their target audience is searching for and how to optimize the content and pages on their website to appear in search results when users enter those keywords.

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Without proper research, businesses may end up using irrelevant or low-traffic keywords that will not bring in the right amount of traffic or revenue for the firm. On the other hand, if highly competitive keywords are targeted without adequate research, it may just be a waste of time, effort, and resources. Keyword research is therefore a crucial component of your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. It can help you identify the most relevant, high-traffic, and low-competition keywords to target for SEO.


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For your SEO strategy to be effective, you must ensure that your keywords are proper and relevant. For this, you will need to choose the right SEO tools for your keyword research.

Here are some criteria to weigh when selecting SEO tool from the many available on the market:

Keyword Data Accuracy

Choose a tool that provides you with accurate search volume data, competition levels, keyword difficulty scores, etc. This is because the accuracy of the keyword data provided by the tool is important.

User Interface

If you are a beginner, go for a tool that has a user-friendly and easy-to-use interface so that it is easier for you to navigate and use the tool. Check out dashboards and features provided by the tool and ensure they are easy for you to understand and comprehend.

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Competitor Analysis

The tool should enable you to gauge what your competitors are up to, i.e. the keywords and strategies used by them.


Decide a budget and ensure that your choice of tool is reasonably priced. It is crucial to weigh the cost of the tool against the features and benefits received from it.

Integration with other tools

A tool that is integrated with other digital marketing tools will help you collect more information and insights which will be an added advantage to you.

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Local Keyword Research

If your business operates in specific geographic locations, you should look for a tool that provides local keyword research features such as the ability to find keywords related to a specific city or region.

Search Engine Compatibility

Look for a tool that is compatible with most of the commonly used search engines and should be able to provide keyword data for these engines. Some of the major search engines are Google, Bing, Yahoo! etc.

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Customer Support

Lastly, while looking for the right keyword research tool, the tool should have a credible and efficient customer support team that is available in case of queries or technical glitches.

Overall, before selecting an SEO tool, businesses should make a list of their expectations as well as decide on a budget for the tool. Then, the selection of the keyword research tool should be done based on its accuracy, user interface, search engine compatibility, cost, competitor analysis features, customer support, and integration with other tools.


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Digital marketers, SEO professionals, and website owners use Ahrefs for a range of SEO tasks like keyword research, backlink analysis, site audit, competitive analysis, and content analysis. It is an all-in-one toolset that also provides the feature of tracking keyword rankings in the search engine result pages (SERPS). Ahrefs is famous for its large database of backlinks and keywords that helps businesses bring in organic traffic, identify new opportunities, and track the strategies of other players in the market.


  • Comprehensive toolset with a large keyword and backlink database

  • User-friendly interface with concise data visualization tools

  • Regular updates and new features

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  • Higher price point compared to some other SEO tools

  • Some features, such as site auditing and rank tracking, may not be less advanced than some dedicated tools in those areas

  • The steep learning curve for some of the more advanced features

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SEMrush is a suite of digital marketing services designed to help businesses improve their visibility and online presence, analyze their competition, and drive traffic to their website. It offers in-depth keyword research tools to help businesses find profitable keywords to target for their SEO and pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns.

Users can also perform competitor analysis, and look at top-performing keywords, backlinks, and content strategies of other players in their industry. It also provides a site audit tool that can recognize issues like broken links, duplicate content, crawl errors, etc. It also provides users with content and backlink analysis along with customizable reports.


  • Multilingual support for website analysis

  • In-depth keyword research and competitor analysis tools

  • Site audit tool for identifying technical SEO issues

  • Insightful dashboard designs available

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  • Can be expensive for smaller businesses

  • Some features, such as the site audit tool, can be limited in functionality for larger sites

  • No historical data on lowest price plan

Each plan includes a range of features and there is a limit on the number of projects and reports that can be generated. It also offers a free trial with limited functionality.

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This platform is famous for its easy-to-use user-friendly interface provided to beginners and small businesses. KWFinder’s local keyword research tool and autocomplete suggestions are unique features that provide them with a competitive edge over other players in the market. It also offers historical keyword metrics that allow users to track the performance of a keyword with time. It does not have a huge library of features like Ahrefs or SEMrush but consists of all essential features and is a go-to tool for those on a budget.


  • User-friendly interface

  • Local keyword research and autocomplete suggestions

  • Competitive pricing structure

  • Historical keyword metrics

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  • Limited functionality in comparison to more comprehensive digital marketing suites

  • Keyword difficulty metrics are always accurate

  • A limited number of daily searches for lower-tier plans

Each plan includes a range of features and limits on the number of daily searches and keyword lookups. KWFinder also offers a 10-day free trial.

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This tool enables their users to track their local search rankings across multiple search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. It also provides users with facilities like citation management and a comprehensive local SEO audit tool. Users are allowed to manage and monitor their online reputation by tracking customer reviews and ratings on various platforms like Google, Facebook, etc.

BrightLocal’s integration with other digital marketing tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console, allowing to use them to their advantage and collate more data and insights.


  • Integration with other tools

  • Reputation management tools available

  • Google My Business optimization tool is available

  • Local SEO audit reports

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  • Limited functionality for larger businesses

  • Pricing can be expensive for some businesses

Each plan includes a range of features and limits on the number of listings and reports that can be generated. BrightLocal also offers a free trial with limited functionality.

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Google Keyword Planner

Being a free tool provided by Google, Google Keyword Planner is designed to help businesses and website owners identify apt and relevant keywords for their website content as well as marketing campaigns. This tool provides uses information on search volume and competition for each keyword, allowing them to identify high-value keyword opportunities more easily.

Google Keyword Planner has a significant competitive edge over other tools. This is because it provides accurate search volume data for keywords as it is directly sourced from Google’s search engine. Another added benefit is that the platform seamlessly integrates itself with other Google marketing tools. This means that users can easily incorporate keyword data into their PPC campaigns and track their performance.


  • Free to use, therefore, higher accessibility to businesses with limited budgets

  • Comprehensive keyword data including search volume, competition level, and cost-per-click data

  • Integration with Google makes it easier to identify high-value keywords for advertising

  • Targeted keyword research along with keyword suggestions by location, language, and search network

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  • Limited features, it does not offer advanced SEO features, such as competitor analysis, backlink analysis, and content optimization

  • Search volume data may be inaccurate

  • Need for a Google Ads account, which can be a barrier for some users

  • Keyword suggestions may not be as extensive as other paid SEO tools in the market


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Search Engine Optimization is becoming more and more important in today’s world as it increases your business’s visibility and website traffic and establishes credibility and trust. It is a more cost-effective channel as compared to other digital marketing channels. By selecting the right tool, you can gain a competitive advantage and therefore, attract more people in the market.

We at Ruskin Felix Consulting help businesses in managing SEO and keyword research for their website. We help clients transform, grow and operate while fostering trust through assurance with our services and solutions. Please feel free to contact us at

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