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Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC partners exclusively with Art-o-Gems Jewelers to support, enable, and digitally expand them in the sale of curios and antiques by developing a Web 3.0-enabled Art Auction house for their use of other royal families across India.

Mr. Nirbhay Kumar Singh is a member of the Royal family of Bihar’s Bhagalpur. Nirbhay Kumar Singh is like an emperor. Due to his royal history and genealogy, the emperor’s collection would inspire awe in any enthusiast. From paintings to curios to watches and sculptures, the collection is so extensive that organizing and cataloging it will take months.

Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC will conduct the due diligence of all the articles before they are kept for sale in the open market. Due diligence and provenance creation are at the heart of all collections so buyers can access the original works of artists whose work was not freely available earlier. The sale of the curios and antiques would be conducted post-due diligence, and we also aim at creating a long-term auction house for unsung royal families across India.

Ruskin Felix Barar, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC, states, “The opening of the art auction will be staggered based on market volatility and overall market size, and we will begin with selling watches and clocks while conducting due diligence on various other aspects of the collection.”

Mr. Nirbhay Kumar Singh has immense expertise in art, has been a jewelry designer, and knows the market in depth. He says, “Art is not only paintings. I want to extend the idea to furniture, jewelry as art, and clocks as art.” He added, “Our endeavor here is to make exclusive art available to a broader market through more transparent processes so that the art market in India and worldwide can develop further.”

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