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Financial Modeling

Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC specializes in Financial Modeling, and their meticulously prepared portfolio underscores the robust viability of the NFT project. This comprehensive model delves into critical aspects, including MVP development, pre-development costs, user acquisition, gaming platform dynamics, NFT integration, and annual expenses.

The Financial Modeling also places a spotlight on key performance indicators like the virtual token value ratio and PVP match fees, along with in-game ad revenue streams. It offers valuable insights into user engagement, active player base, and market capitalization, all of which are pivotal in assessing the project’s financial sustainability.

Within this context, the financial modeling portfolio lays out the financial landscape of the game, meticulously detailing the initial game fee, transactional revenue, and overall revenue projections. It’s a holistic approach to understanding the project’s fiscal strength.

The broader financial model encompasses various revenue streams, encompassing the initial fee, transactional revenue, NFT platform fees, PVP match fees, and platform ad revenue. Projections indicate a substantial total revenue of $7.7 million for 2022, with an impressive anticipated growth rate of 419% over the next five years.

Of course, financial success is balanced by prudent financial management. The model addresses operating expenses, including marketing, administrative, legal, and development costs, among others. These expenses, while increasing, are kept in check with sound financial planning, ensuring the project’s sustainability.

The financial model further illuminates the path to profitability, with positive cash flow anticipated from 2022 onwards. A robust cash flow of $4.5 million is expected in 2022, with an impressive average growth rate of 388% over the following five years.

In terms of valuation, the Financial Modeling team employs the FCFF method to estimate the firm’s worth at a substantial $6.7 billion. The projected IRR, based on FCFF, stands at an astounding 1335.93%, affirming the project’s immense potential. This holistic analysis culminates in an estimated overall value of the company coin-inclusive, pegged at a remarkable $5.1 billion.

Financial Modeling has played a pivotal role in unlocking the financial potential of this NFT project, demonstrating the power of data-driven insights in shaping successful ventures.

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