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Fractional Ownership – Real Estate Canada – Feasibility Study


Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC prepared a comprehensive feasibility study and strategy report based on the fractional ownership in real estate industry. We highlighted the product overview, product analysis, global outlook, regional outlook, value proposition and optimization, funding events, market sizing and the pricing market for the same. We focused on the feasibility of the project by building competitive advantages, providing insights on the gaps and opportunities that entail while undertaking the project. This report was aimed towards analyzing the viability of the fractional ownership company. 

A percentage of an asset is owned as a fraction. Individual shareholders purchase fractional ownership shares in the asset, sharing usage rights, income sharing, priority access, and discounted rates with them. The use advantages fractional owners in real estate enjoy are on par with those of timeshare owners. For pricey assets like planes, sports automobiles, and vacation homes, fractional ownership is a frequent investment arrangement. The key distinction between timeshare and fractional ownership is that with fractional ownership, the investor owns a portion of the title as opposed to time-based units. In the case of fractional ownership, as the asset’s value rises, so do the value of the investment’s shares.

Solreva is the modern and affordable way to buy amazing properties in destination markets, without any of the challenges that comes along with homeownership. Solreva acquires elite homes in these destination markets which they then break up into eight real estate interests. Depending on how much time a customer wants to spend in that market and how much of a home they want to purchase from 50% to 12.5% of the property.

As a fractional ownership company, it is important to understand the average amount that people would be willing to invest when they think of purchasing a luxury second home. The average wealth of a person who is planning to invest into a luxury second home is approximately $55,00,000. The average income of an individual who is planning a purchase is around $6,03,000 and a luxury second home costs approximately $23,00,000.

Although the idea of fractional ownership may be relatively new in India, it will continue to be a significant part of real estate investing. Fractional investments have gained considerable popularity on international markets like those in the United States, Canada, China, Singapore, and Hong Kong. The ability for every generation of Indians to participate in and diversify their real estate, which was previously confined through the traditional path, and most did not have the financial wherewithal to do so, is made possible by the growing popularity of fractional ownership in the real estate market.

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