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Investor Pitch Deck – MBM Management & Consulting LLC


MBM Management

Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC partnered with MBM Management & Consulting LLC, to create an investor pitch deck highlighting the overview, and working of the business, B2B benefits of the company, B2C benefits, and the functioning of the business. The pitch deck also helps in understanding the market trends, operations plan, financial projections, and investor information. 

MBM Management is a Montana Based Limited Liability Company with an exclusive management agreement with CannaConnection LLC (A licensed Marijuana Provider firm in Montana). They provide Quality Marijuana for medical and therapeutic benefits.” They also entered the recreational marijuana industry which has been voted in by 57% margin on November 3, 2020.

MBM Management is strategically placed to provide such marijuana both for medical and recreational purposes in Montana and in the US at later stages. The Montana Cannabis market is expected to hit $400 Million within a few years.

There is to become a Market leader in Medicinal Marijuana Production and revenue in the Montana Market and other US Markets.  To become a Market leader in Recreational Marijuana Production and revenue in the Montana Market and other US Markets. High Quality and scalable operations to provide all types of Marijuana based products including expansion by way of licenses as a Marijuana Provider.

Through MBM Management’s strategic partner Canna Connection LLC and their expertise, they wish to gain their part of the $400 Million potential Cannabis market in Montana and expand further into the market through operations and market-focused products.

Investor Information:

  • Company Overall Valuation: USD $7 Million
  • Available for Sale: 40% of Stake in MBM LLC

Investor Classes:

  • 1 Unit block – USD $75,000
  • 10 Unit block – USD $700,000
  • 40 Unit block – USD $2,800,000

Mode of Ownership: Equity Stake in Company

Type of Participation: Passive

Point of contact: CFO of MBM Management – Philip ‘Marc’ Hays

Documents for MBM Management available on Request

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