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Training & Development Strategy – Regence Inc.

Training RFC Salesforce

Ruskin Felix Consulting (RFC) collaborated with Regence Inc. to address technology risks and create a comprehensive Training & Development Strategy for Salesforce, considering the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. As the industry and competitors faced disruptions due to the pandemic, RFC worked closely with Regence Inc. to implement a transformative workforce strategy, giving them a significant competitive advantage and enabling them to gain a larger market share.

The overall strategic plan devised by RFC spanned one year and focused on creating Strata-based learning and development levels, promoting a mindset shift, and fostering an inclusive integrated structure aligned with organizational goals. The plan comprised three key components:

Training & Upskilling Program: RFC designed a comprehensive training and upskilling program to equip the salesforce with the necessary skills and knowledge to adapt to the changing market landscape. This program ensured that the workforce remained competent and competitive in the digital era.

Leadership Development Program: To strengthen leadership capabilities, RFC formulated a leadership development program that honed the skills of existing leaders and identified emerging leaders within the organization. This program aimed to cultivate a pool of competent leaders capable of steering the company towards success.

Actualization Program: The actualization program provided employees with the resources and support they needed to actualize their potential, fostering a positive work environment and enhancing employee engagement.

Additionally, RFC assisted in developing core sales development policies and a transformational development policy. These policies were strategically designed to optimize the use of data and resources, increase sales conversion rates, and boost overall productivity.

In line with the new digital, work-from-anywhere environment, RFC helped Regence Inc. innovate and invest in new products to cater to changing customer needs and market demands. This strategic investment bolstered the company’s competitive edge and positioned them to capitalize on emerging opportunities.

By partnering with RFC, Regence Inc. successfully navigated technology risks and embraced a forward-thinking Training & Development Strategy that empowered its workforce, driving business growth, and establishing a dominant presence in the market.

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