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Ruskin Felix Consulting Reaches Six Figures In Topline Revenue In H1 2021

RF Consulting has worked with 250+ clients, having advised companies globally on AUM of $25 Million, the company Hits $100k in Topline Revenue in 2021

RF Consulting has worked with 250+ clients, having advised companies globally on AUM of $25 Million, the company Hits $100k in Topline Revenue in 2021.

Date: 17th Sept. 2021, Mumbai, India

Ruskin Felix Consulting, an end-to-end business consulting and strategy firm, announced that they have achieved an overall growth of 900% in their topline revenue and have crossed their previous year’s figures on the first quarter itself.

Reaching $100,000 of Annual Recurring Revenue, they wish to build the business into an investment house.

With an increased focus on business strategy and investment banking, the company is leveraging its experience and expertise to partner with various institutions.

Having reached the Six-figure mark, the Founder himself, said “We are thrilled with our progress during these challenging times. Our primary goal will always be to deliver value and quality of service to our esteemed clients. We are pleased that our clients have appreciated our efforts and we have been able to aid them in building, expanding and strategizing their businesses.

RF Consulting has been known to provide business strategy consultations to clients globally. They have worked with over 300 clients and advised AUM of $25 Million. Having worked with more than 300 projects over such a short period, the Founder says, “We look to move towards creating a world-class consulting and advisory firm aggressively. The next year will be focused on building and expanding the business further, and we also seek to expand our services into market research and investment banking.”

The company also provides comprehensive market research services for more than 100 industries with a qualified research desk. They also offer execution of marketing campaigns for large corporates, Media Houses and digital marketing solutions. The firm has also worked with various governments on various strategy formulation and Development projects. They include the Government of India, Ghana, Nigeria and prominent institutions like the European Space Agency (ESA). Their Client Profile is detailed herein – Clients

On the aspect of growth, the company looks to reach more than 1000 clients within 2022 and ensure that the firm can diversify, develop, and grow into other market segments.

Among the future ventures, the company also looks to open an unlisted shares desk, which specifically caters to the unlisted and IPO-bound shares. They aim to create a marketplace for buyers and sellers of these shares and ensure effective and efficient transactions.

The company is also looking at building a Venture capital platform to utilize its existing network and provide investors value-centric investments in startups globally.

Some of the Services that the company provides are:

  • Financial Consulting
  • Market Research
  • Business Strategy
  • Business Execution and Planning
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Risk Advisory
  • SEO management

RF Consulting ensures efficient corporate onboarding, complete guidance and consultations for all business matters. RF Consulting also saw an increase in businesses’ interest in consulting and outsourcing key functions in various businesses in the USA, Europe, and the Middle East.

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