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Ruskin Felix consulting LLC partnered with Globzen to help them with a comprehensive strategy report and to understand the cryptocurrency industry, global industry, demand assessment, risk assessment, product strategy, product timeline, product design, initial coin offering, global positioning, procedure and issuing ICOs, blockchain technology for their new product. RF Consulting helped Globzen to understand business opportunities and the financial viability of their product. Along with that, we created the investor documentation and assisted them in understanding the exchanges and trading platforms of cryptocurrency. 

Globzen is a new generation social media platform that aims to outdo “hate speech, fake news, and discrimination” in social interactions. they promise radical transparency in handling personal data and algorithmic processes in their network. They commit to providing clear and legible terms of usage at the outset and whenever there are changes. This case is based on the integration of social media, e-commerce and cryptocurrency. 

Globzen offers a marketplace feature which is designed for both individuals and businesses, and third-party sellers to sell products and services to buyers/users. Globzen coins for trade opportunity on the marketplace. The features of Globzen platform are unique and interface is user friendly, so that a new user can also become familiar with the features in one go. 

The overall rollout of Globzen for testing took place in 2021 on the existing users for the social media platform. During that time, the complete procedure and due diligence was initiated for the crypto currency by the company and e-commerce was only in its development phase. The second phase focused on building the user base of the social media platform and using that platform to launch the cryptocurrency that has been registered. The company plans to get into the testing phase for the e-commerce Platform in 2022 during which existing users from the platform will be using it. The phase 3 focused on creating awareness, integrating the cryptocurrency with the marketplace and promoting trading of the crypto using the social media platform while increasing the userbase there. The final phase involved the successful and seamless integration of the e-commerce and social media platform and using the cryptocurrency for transactions in the portal and increase the tradability of the crypto among other alternative coins.

The plan of Globzen consisted of initially engaging with users on the social media platform and building user numbers. From 2021 onwards, the users were motivated to engage with the site by distribution of their cryptocurrency on levels of their engagement with the website –

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