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Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC partnered with the Succulenty to prepare a game design document which highlights the game concept, game pillars, architecture, and gameplay elements. The report also analyzes the UI/UX of the game, the mechanics, the in-game environment and the core drivers for game mechanics. The report provides a clear understanding of the interface highlighting the key aspects of the game while providing an audience assessment, overview of the gaming industry and the key aspects in gaming. The report is also focused on crypto integration and coin management. It provides a clear understanding of blockchain development while highlighting a coin supply plan. 

The game is an engagement-based gameplay with multiple modules for the community to interact and build further assets in the game through actions and engagements.

There are two primary modes in the game:

  1. Adventure (Campaign) Mode
  2. PVP Mode

There will also be a community module – Global which will enable players and participants (bystanders) to interact, build communities inside the game and visit other players assets within the globe.

The core concepts that the game is based on are:

  • Blockchain 
  • Non-Fungible Tokens 
  • Play-To-Earn 
  • Primary Token 
  • Staking

The priority for integrating with various exchanges is very high. The company should focus on integrating with as many exchange APIs as possible as that will limit the competitors and create a barrier to the entry of new entrants. This will also apply to fiat currency integrations based on the region of operations. The project will have in-platform conversion capacity with various Fiat currencies, stable coins. The Primary coin will also be listed on various exchanges, and markets for easy convertibility. These exchanges will also include exchanges like Uniswap, Coinswap, Binance, Coinbase etc. The Goal of the project will be to increase visibility and tradability to various exchanges, trading pairs and geographies.

The NFT marketplace will be integrated with the game as well as a complete web software to handle all in-game transactions. The primary use of the marketplace will be the following:

  • Buy, sell, trade and auctions for Primary Land Assets
  • Buy, sell, trade and auctions for Primary Succulenty Assets
  • Buy, sell, trade and auctions for Secondary Succulenty Assets
  • Staking of NFTs – (Land, Succies)
  • Staking of Primary Coin

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