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Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC partnered with Tiny Astro to prepare a comprehensive strategy report and a smart contract review. Tiny Astro’s team requested that Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC design a detailed renting and leasing mechanism for the platform as well as the review and audit of the Smart Contract. The report also highlights the financial viability of the of the project by laying emphasis on the cost variables, revenue computation, projected valuation of the crypto, NFT revenue projection, and cash flow analysis. The report also shed light on the coin distribution plan and the value based on the circulation of the coin.

Given the opportunity to review Tiny Astro Project’s smart contract source code, we in the report outline our systematic approach to evaluate potential security issues in the smart contract implementation, expose possible semantic inconsistencies between smart contract code and design document, and provide additional suggestions or recommendations for improvement. Our results show that the given version of smart contracts is ready to launch after resolving the mentioned issues, there are no critical or high issues found related to business logic, security or performance.

During the first phase of our audit, we studied the smart contract source code and ran our in-house static code analyzer through the Specific tool. The purpose here is to statically identify known coding bugs, and then manually verify (reject or confirm) issues reported by tool. We further manually review business logics, examine system operations, and place DeFi-related aspects under scrutiny to uncover possible pitfalls and/or bugs. We have so far identified that there are potential issues with severity of 0 Critical, 0 High, 0 Medium, and 2 Low. Overall, these smart contracts are well- designed and engineered.

In this audit, we thoroughly analyzed Tiny Astro Smart Contract. The current code base is well organized but there are promptly some low-level issues found in the first phase of Smart Contract Audit. Meanwhile, we need to emphasize that smart contracts are still in an early, but exciting stage of development.

Tiny Astro NFT based SaaS platform should thus be marketed as a community of enthusiastic NFT holders who need automated services for NFT collections. There should be tiers for difference value additions. The company should also look at raising the funds based on the overall valuations and cash flow projections. A key aspect of the project is the supply management, and the company should use the logic to create an automated BOT to manage the prices of the token. Tiny Astro smart contracts were also successfully reviewed, and the various errors diagnosed and highlighted should be corrected by the development team. The firm’s overall value is expected to be $197 Million by 2027, inclusive of the underlying Coin. The business does have the risk of imitation and replication by other already active platforms. Thus, market share needs to be increased faster through marketing and brand integration strategies. The business has a substantially high IRR (312%), but similar projects on the Cryptocurrency Universe are in line due to the initial capital raised through NFT based asset sale.


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