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Waste Management – SaaS Application – Investor Documentation – Dubai


Waste Management

Ruskin Felix Consulting LLC created a comprehensive business plan for waste management – SaaS application. We helped in understanding the waste management patterns, consumer profiling, population details, market segmentation, total available market, serviceable available market and service obtainable market, product mix assessment, target market, geographical viability, location assessment, financial viability, cost projections, financial metrics, capital requirement and valuation of the company along with a strategic roadmap and a go-to-market strategy. 

The waste management app is built to provide convenient waste management services to all consumers for effective collection of waste. The app includes three main features including removal of sewage water, removal of wastewater and removal of rainwater. The waste management app is designed in a way to provide an easy and smooth experience to all their customers. The app includes features such as truck booking, fare calculator, live tracking of truck, payment, messaging and calling, driver rating and analysis, booking history, cancellation, schedule for later, flexible options, time of arrival, payment via cash or card. The app is easy to install and requires a few processes before one can begin using the app to its full capacity. The key features of waste management app are as follows: 

  • Easy registration and sign-in
  • Push notifications
  • Account management
  • Social media login
  • Quick bookings
  • Live tracking
  • Live chat with driver
  • Real-time updates
  • In-app payments
  • Rating and reviews
  • Offers and promos

Various features for the viewers will be launched including an emergency mode for water clogging that they will be able to use for. Due to the heavy rains in particular regions of Dubai, the collection of water waste and rainwater waste can become extremely difficult. To prevent from any mismanagement in supply of trucks, the app would also have a special feature called ‘emergency mode’. 

The overall valuation of the waste management company is based on 3 valuation methods and is computed based on the weighted average of the valuation methods. The overall valuation of the company (Post Money) is AED 41.17 million on a 9 Year forward basis. The methods used to compute the value of the company are:

  • PE multiple of FCFF cash flows
  • Overall Project NPV Valuation – DCF Valuation
  • Terminal Value Method

The range of valuation for the waste management business is computed at: AED 37.05 million to AED 45.28 million. The net present value of FCFF is AED 12.75 million. As the initial investment in this industry will be low as the SaaS platform will not need high capital investment, the relative IRR of the project will be very high. The projected IRR is 1083.90%. The projected IRR (net cash flow0 is based on 1202.29%. The business is substantially cash flow positive and thus the investor will continue to earn from the waste management business through its net positive cash flows.

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